Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Mobile User-Friendly

I like the RESPONSIVE idea a lot because it is so user-friendly, it welcomes everyone and their devices of the world, … We design for mobile

Why re-brand/revamp a website with Responsive Web Design [RWD]? Today, create a seamless experience for mobile users is the top priority…

Responsive Web Design is an up-to-date concept, which makes website fit for all platform such as ios and android, the different brand of smartphones and tablets.

Web Design Package

Can I have a 1-page website!?

Check this out

What is Responsive Web Design [RWD]?

Responsive Web Design: Normal desktop website shows from left to right, but the mobile website shows from top to bottom. It works with CSS and javascript, jquery…, you can still have the basic function of a website like gallery, slideshow, form submission… images and videos also change the size to fit the devices; even “tables” will auto re-arrange to fit different size of screens.

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Google also launched some handy checklists:

PageSpeed Insights
To check the download time of your site, giving advice to the webmaster for further information.

Mobile Usability
Whether the text, buttons, forms are easy to read, fill, click on mobile devices? giving the instruction to fix and modify…

AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages Project
Start at the begin of 2016, which suggest all mobile website develop under the AMP rules to make sure search engine can find your site when users searching with mobile devices. check out some AMP samples here!

The Pos+ of Responsive Web Design [R.W.D.]

Better User Experience

No more drug and click to view the site – Responsive Website fit all size of devices.

Simple Website Structure

Simple Structure (no more mobile website/folder) help users and Search Engine to navigate or find content easier and faster.

Mobile site vs Mobile Ads

When users hit your ads from mobile, the ads will drive users to your mobile site. If your site have no mobile version…

Website Maintain Easier

Do it once – all versions are updated, if you don’t have mobile version separately.