SEM Search Engine Marketing

Understanding the relationship of Keywords, title and ad text, landing page can “Show more, get more clicks and stay longer WITHIN MY BUDGET” to make SEM Search Engine Marketing Success

SEM - Adwords, Bing Keywords Ad

Customers ask how to get best result from PPC, what my answer is almost the same, understand the game and play cleverly.

People ask how can we do that?
  • Impression – How often your ad is shown
  • Ad Rank higer than your competitor (always keep average position at 1.0)
  • CPC – Cost per Click: as low as (first page bid)
To achieve the above, Quality Score is the mission. High Quality Score can pay less and do more. Quality Score is 3 points:
  1. Expected Clickthrough Rate
  2. Ad Relevance
  3. Landing page experience

If you want to get 10/10 of Quality Score,try hard to do this 3 points to ‘Above average’ to get HIGH Click Through Rate, also keep related to keywords, ad texts and landing page

  • Right timing Your Ad show when user search with your keywords show, nothing more, nothing less
  • Control and Manage Show time, Budget, Device, not showing keywords (-ve keywords)…
  • Right target You can set your ad showing to local or oversea, showing in any languages or locations.
  • Rise Brand Awareness Compare to S.E.O., PPC instant drive traffic and customers to website
  • Know exactly your customers With adwords/bing keywords and google analytic, you can know more about your audience – The big data DETAILs
  • Nothing is Charge If you ads not click(Search AD)Or you can do Display Ad, REMarketing
  • Selling all over the world With google Merchant Center, your products can show at different language’s google result.
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