SEO Search Engine Optimization

SEO Search Engine Optimization also represent Content Marketing. Promote your site through creativity, produce more interesting, useful, funny content, to keep user stay…

SEO keep your site grow

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – website rank higher at the organic result. When user search with keywords, your site comes up. (It means your article/site related to user’s keywords) So, What is a keyword? Why call it Content Marketing?

Here are some suggestions from Google

  • How long of your URLs or Domain register? (years)
  • White/ right use of Keywords?
  • Every webpage in the same site are related to each other?
  • Images have alt tag?
  • Keywords in URLs?
  • Clear Navigation for Googlebot/Bingbot
  • XML sitemap and site submission
  • Links exchange with other sites

SEO is changing, the rules you just read is about year 2000. For now there are something out of…

SEO -Content Marketing at 2017

    Bear in mind – content must target people and also robot, not just for robot!

  • Research keywords before you start everything, even your website
  • Plan your tags ‹title›, ‹description› with keywords
  • Keywords also in content / article
  • Number of words in the content / article, not less than 300 words per page
  • Navigation must keep simple
  • Site submission to all search engine
  • Better include both html and xml sitemap
  • Create a page for 404 error and drive back to index
  • Beware of redirection (especially the redirect of another redirect, that will make search engine crazy and lower your rank)
  • View website with all devices (desktop, tablet and mobile) – Responsive Web Design
  • Web Page download speed is also important because everyone visits your site with mobile devices
  • Backlinks building for promotions: Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google mybusiness, google+, linkin… etc
  • set-up web analytic and webmaster console to track site performance

Checklist is the brief from google forum and webmaster tools