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site performance - see who, where, when, how...

If you thinking about to improve your website… Watching your Site Performance, drive more visit; visit transfer to conversion; conversion becomes revenue…

If you thinking about revamp your website but don’t know where to start, the following content may help you some…

This article talking about the basic of GA – Google Analytic.

We talk about traffic, but What is traffic in ga?

  1. How long does a user stay in a session? (in minutes)
  2. How many pages that a user visits in a session?
    * Every session is half an hour; if a user stays more than half an hour, it counts 2 sessions.
  3. Time stay x pages visit = Bounce Rate.

What can we find in the analytic reports?


  • First-time Visit? Return Visit?
  • Where are they come from? (locations by city and country)
  • Ages, Gender, what do they like to visit?
  • Most visit website? About their interest…
  • Which devices are they using? mobile, tablet or desktop?
  • Which brand and system are they using? ios by apple, android by Lg, HTC or MI?


  • How do they find my site? (source: Organic Search, referral, Paid Search, Social media…)
  • Which page is Hot hit?
  • Keywords performance? which keyword hit the traffic?


  • The flow of the user to your site.
  • Time stay at your site.
  • Speed of the site download
  • Site search keywords

Conversion – Goals

  • How many of Registration, Download, Watching Videos…
  • E-commence: Particular product, sales, shopping flow…
Check this out for this free tool Google Analytic , you can log in with your Gmail ID. On the other hand, you can also play with Adobe analytics