Web Development | e-Shop Design

Team8design works on eCommerce – eShop, tailored with UI, CMS, Shopping Cart, payment gateway, …

web development for e-shop

Web development – We design/tailor-made System (tailor whole e-Shop system) UI, CMS, Shopping Cart…, design/tailor your own CMS

Our online store design focus on User Experience: (Visitors / Shoppers) Frontend: together with responsive web design that fits all devices (tablets and mobiles)
(Brand’s crew) Backend: Tailor functions and access rights make website maintain become easy

Online E-shops systems together with third-party API builds a network through online and offline – Example: maplefashion.hk

The third-party APIs (through RPC) that connected with customer retail store intranet system together with online CMS and website as a POS system, Inventory Control,… etc, which fit for large chain stores.
As a result, the new system makes life easier, it controls both online and retail shops together in a backend platform
  • One Stock for both – easy to find product
  • One promotional plan for both – easy to control and tell customers
  • One invoicing system for both – easy for accounting and audit
  • One membership system for both – easy to build customers relationship, returning member shop for rewarding
Don’t forget RWD
Responsive Web Design
One website for all devices >>
hk responsive web design
Detailed APIs to Online Website System OR tailor
build system functions as follow web development functions

Membership System

  • Member and/or tours shopping
  • Members account: personal info, bookmark, recent view, order history
  • Login & Registration system
  • Member Points


Product and Shopping System

  • Product navigation, categories and search
  • Product Gallery
  • Shopping Cart, Invoicing System, Payment Gateway

Discount System

  • Free Ship
  • Member Discount
  • Coupons and Discount Code
  • Item Sales
  • Invoice Discount

Administration System

  • Multi-language
  • Different level of Admin access rights
  • Tailor Content Management System for Banner Ad, Pop-up, website content, such as promotion detail…
  • Easy update product by Import format: excel
  • Export files: inventory, invoice and members information



  • Instant message
  • Integration with the third party: Social Media, Google Map and Google Analytic
  • Google Map
  • Google Search Console
  • Integration with different payment method